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Last night we were undressed by the wind – Janet Lees


Last night we were undressed by the wind


Janet-lees-wall5It took our shoes first;

we watched them rise like odd dense birds

into the indigo sky.



Janet-lees-wall4It undid buttons, habits, words;

twirled away the shadows on your face,

the lines engraved on mine.



Janet-lees-wall3It freed the magpie in your ribcage,

unzipped each one of my muttering scars,

opened our heads to the blazing dark.



Janet-lees-wall1And then there was only bright skin

And then we were

just air



Janet-lees-wall2Last night we were undressed

by the wind. This morning

we woke in our clothes.




Janet Lees

First published in the Milestones anthology by Write Out Loud



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