A new exhibition is to take place at The Isle Gallery, St Johns.  Featuring the work of Rosie Wood BA(Hons) and Colby artist Celia Kay the theme of the exhibition is  “Magical Island”.  The preview will be held on Sunday 22nd April from 2.00pm to 4.30pm and will continue until Sunday 10th June 2018.  For gallery opening times and further information please contact The Isle Gallery at www.theislegallery.com or call 01624 801751.

For Celia, painting has always been an ongoing drive and has exerted a strong pull on her thinking and creativity.  She has long felt a deep bond with nature through the surrounding landscape, footpaths and waterways and counts herself very fortunate to be living on an island of such unspoilt beauty.

The inspiration for this exhibition is “Magical Island”.  From tiny quiet corners of hedgerows, flowers and seeds through the mystical, celtic atmosphere of our glens and waterfalls through to the wide and ever changing skies.   With the constantly shifting cloud and light patterns, skies have also held a deep fascination throughout Celia’s painting career and will probably be explored further in time to come.

Rosie graduated in 2016 with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art, her work is continually drawn back to the world around her and the strong connections she has with this Island. She searches out texture, colour and form. Her eye is honed to the small unexpected elements that are overlooked by many and finds beauty in unexpected places. Small details in a landscape intrigue her more than a full vista and she attempts to portray these details to others through her work. 

For this exhibition Rosie’s work spans a number of disciplines including photography, pen, acrylic ink and printmaking. All are borne out of observations made from nature, the structure of rock formations, patterns discerned in a tangle of seaweed on the beach, ivy twining around a tree, winter branches swaying in the wind, shapes worn into rocks by repeated tides, expressions of time frozen, never the same, never repeated. 

In his BBC Four programme Art out of Nature the Art Historian Dr James Fox stated that

“Art makes the familiar seem unfamiliar, seeing the world in a different way, finding beauty in a world we often take for granted. Art is everywhere, all we need to do is go out into nature and find it. “ 

We have an abundance of nature on our Island home so go out, look a little closer and find the magic. 


Magical Island at The Isle Gallery

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