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Mark Boyd


Born in 1975 on the Isle of Man, a tiny ‘rock’ located in the middle of the Irish Sea 15 miles South West of the Southern most point of Scotland, 30 miles East of Ireland, 30 miles West of England’s Lake District and about 40 miles North of Holyhead in Wales.  In the middle of everywhere, in the middle of nowhere.

Whilst living in Oxfordshire I worked freelance with Bauer Media and other publishing companies capturing lifestyle, pastime and landscape images.  Sadly life was turned on it’s head when in 2013 breast cancer claimed my wife.  Six months later I remained broken.  Wallowing in self pity was not the answer.  I decided to pick up our travels from where cancer had intervened.  I headed back to South India then zig-zagged my way in to Nepal; finally finding myself  perched on a bicycle saddle for over three months covering Alaska.  Life had changed forever.

Now each and every year as the leaves on the trees take on their Autumn hues I disappear with my camera gear and suitable clothing for the region I intend to explore.   I find myself on local buses, boats or indeed hitch hiking.  If I’m in the wilderness I camp.  If I’m near villages I will find homestays.  If I’m near towns or cities I will find dormitories.  This approach ensures I get to experience the people and their culture.  It takes away from the ‘easy life’ comforts we have all come to rely on in our home countries.  During these weeks or months whilst exploring the wild side of where ever I am, I search for interesting projects and small commissions to help developing local trades.  More often than not I choose a charitable rate, usually in exchange for bed and board and the experience of spending time with the people from the area.

The end of winter and the beginning of spring sees my return migration to European or British shores.  Work begins in earnest.


To follow up my success in Outdoor Photographer of the Year 2016 where I had four images shortlisted, I have been lucky enough to have two more images, which were captured whilst travelling through Myanmar shortlisted in the 2017 competition, from over 18,000 entries. One of these images has also been selected for inclusion in the Outdoor Photographer of The Year 2017 hardback edition. 

During 2014 I was lucky enough to have portfolio of four images captured whilst cycling through Alaska shortlisted in International Travel Photographer of the Year 2014.

During 2015 an image of two poppies in golden wheat field was a finalist in the ‘Breathing Spaces’ category of International Garden Photographer of the Year.’