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Suzanne Clothier in her book “Bones Would Rain From The Sky” says it perfectly.

“To travel in the company of animals is to walk with angels, guides, guardians, jesters, shadows and mirrors. I cannot imagine how it is to travel bereft of such excellent companions. In my journey, seeking to know animals more fully, wandering in their foreign lands, struggling for fluency in these other tongues, I found much more than just the animals themselves. As all travellers do, no matter how far they may go, no matter how exotic the terrain or bizarre the culture, I discovered myself.”

So you see, animals (especially dogs) are my world. I don’t paint dogs because it’s an easy way of making a living- it isn’t. I do (make a living that is) but I have to work hard to make it happen. I paint dogs because I cannot imagine not doing so. I paint dogs because they fascinate me, speak to me, make me laugh and make me cry. I want to see into their souls (for I am convinced they are possessed of them) and bring them to life on canvas or paper.

So if you’d like to be part of my journey please join the dogs and me, and contribute your own thoughts about my art. You may even wish to have one of your special companions painted at some point- if so I’d be privileged to have them join me on my easel (metaphorically) for a while.