The Methodist Art Collection in the Isle of Man

An exhibition including works by Graham Sutherland, Norman Adams, Maggi Hambling, Edward Burra, Eularia Clarke, Elizabeth Frink and William Roberts as well as internationally renowned French, Australian, Angolan, Indian and Japanese painters.

Sunday May 13th — Sunday June 17th

Colby Methodist Church IM9 4NG
The Cathedral, Peel IM5 1HH
Ramsey Methodist Church IM8 1DS
St. Andrew’s URC Douglas IM2 5DA
The Promenade Methodist Church Douglas IM1 2LY
Ballagarey Methodist Church, St Marks, IM9 3AH


The Raising of Lazarus – John Reilly (1928-2010)


How would you describe religious art?

From 13 May to 17 June the island has an opportunity to view some of the best faithbased art in the world. We are playing host to the acclaimed Methodist Modern Art Collection, collected over the last fifty years. Some works are by wellknown leading British names, such as Elisabeth Frink, Edward Burra and Graham Sutherland. Others are by artists from further afield, such as Jyoti Sahi (India), Sadao Watanabe (Japan) and John Muafangejo (Namibia). More recently acquired works by artists such as Maggi Hambling, Susie Hamilton, and Craigie Aitchison explore how the Bible still inspirespainters in the 21st century.

This touring exhibition has only once before crossed the Irish Sea. Its trustees are thrilled that the visit coincides with the TT festival, with the potential for visitors from all over the world. It also offers an excellent opportunity for residents who may not get the chance to visit galleries to see work of this standing.

The collection challenges us to rethink our response to the familiar, and showcases the work of some influential contemporary artists. It is an opportunity to reflect on their ideas about history, humanity and those things that make us who we are. Some of the artists approach their subjects from a Christian perspective; others have no particular faith background. Between them they offer a variety of perspectives on Christian stories and themesSome provide a modern retelling of something almost too well known, such as the Christmas story. 


The main venues are:

• Waterloo Road Methodist Church, Ramsey
• The Cathedral, Peel
• Promenade Methodist Church, Douglas
• Colby Methodist Church. 

A smaller, more intimate space to think and reflect will be open to all at St Andrews United Reformed Church,adjacent to the paddock and the grandstand.

Admission will be free, and the main venues will be open from 10 till 4 each day.


“This is an exhibition that offers the opportunity to see first hand, art work by renowned and established artists, amongst them is the work of Patrick Heron and Graham Sutherland. From an educational and historical perspective this is an insight into the tradition of Christian art, an opportunity to see an art form that dates back as far as the 2nd century onwards. It is however not just the subject matter that is of interest from an educational perspective, it is the artists’ choice of materials and techniques, the scale of their work, the time period it was created in and in what context for the artist. It is an opportunity to reflect and discuss the ideas of contemporary artists. It is about history, humanity and those things that make us who we are. It is an opportunity be stimulated and motivated, to find and create personal and meaningful ways to express ourselves, it is about the ‘awe and wonder’ of our world. It is an opportunity to further explore and expand on the life and work of each artist and to highlight their role and association within the history of art. This is an excellent opportunity for all on the island who do not get the chance to visit galleries to see work of this standing.”
Gerry Quinn – Head of Art, Ramsey Grammar School


Methodist Art Collection in the Isle of Man

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