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Nicola Dixon
Nicola Dixon

Nicola Dixon’s recognisable bright naïve watercolour paintings depict scenes and wildlife of the Isle of Man that captures the essence of this special place. Nicola has been a fulltime artist, designer and craftsman for over 20 years. Providence has played a heavy hand, as her plans were very different. An academic with craft on the side education rather than any traditional art training, is reflected in her style and approach. Starting off with unique hand painted jewellery she shifted into paintings, initially mostly of traditional sailing boats and events. Nicola focused on this world for few years participating in, and depicting sailing gatherings locally and internationally, gaining an international reputation.

After a few mobile years she concentrated on work on – and of – the Isle of Man, as well as annual painting trips to Antigua, the sailing hub in the Caribbean. In 2014 things shifted again with a return to her early “Knox Style” jewellery designs inspired by the work of Archibald Knox during the celebrations of his birth. Nicola’s work was exhibited at Manx National Heritage’s ‘Celtic Style’ exhibition. This had lead on to more complex images inspired by ancient lore, entwining marine and natural elements with the symbols, notably the triskelion, or triple spiral, upon which the three legs of man is based. Initially this work was exhibited when representing the Isle of Man at Festival Interceltique de Lorient in 2014, and is now unfolding like the spirals they often contain with a series of unusual commissions and projects.