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Paul Parker
Paul Parker – Painting in Scotland

How does anybody get into anything, There has to be a spark, a point that you think yes that’s for me, As my mother went to art school in  the 1950’s.  I suppose it is in the family.

As all kids do, I painted and did drawings of the things I liked –  Sting Ray, springs to mind and Pirate Ships. What I did seemed to come easy, not that they were very good, just better than the other kids seemed to be able to do. As most kids do if you find something easy you do tend to gravitate towards it.

It was in my first year in high school, While in the Westminster Garage, I suspect for Wine gums or Fig Rolls, I seen a copy of the Motor Cycle News, with a photo of the Six Day Trial in Scotland on the cover. I bought it to draw the picture, Why, I don’t know it just appealed. There was an article on Phil Haslam I remember. And again,  I don”t know why it all seemed right, and almost overnight I became a  Motorcyclist in waiting. Not that my mother thought much of the idea.

So I started to draw and paint bikes and to cut a long story short by the time I was old enough to have one,  the painting had become a big interest as well. I am happy to say 40 years on both still play a major part in my life.  

After a short time at the Isle of Man College, doing art, a time when I found what my interests were in painting, and it was not what we had to do there. So I left and started in the Isle of Man Examiner News Paper. That said what I did get at college was the experience of  spending a little time with Mr. Norman Sayle. His enthusiasm for art just rubbed off on you, and what  a lovely man to boot.  I thought if this is an artist I will try to have a bit of this.

I started to go Hill Walking, with the lads in the paper.This was in fact just a long walk to the pub! But it did form my interest in Landscape painting. By doing more and more walking, I found my awareness of the changing seasons heightened. This was my love, to be out in the landscape. Painting is observation and understanding — and you have to be out in it to understand it. Not just the good days, but in all weathers. On the bad days, the sun could break through, if just for a short time, and you won’t see it tucked up by the fire.

Days with the sun breaking through racing clouds, an approaching shower or a single illuminated tree in an overcast landscape was the subject for me. For a long time, painting and walking were bound together, one fed the other. 

I hope I am able to show more than just a photographic representation. 

I am trying to give my work an atmosphere and sensation gained by personal experience. To show others the world as I see it. I think of a painting as a team game between the artist and the viewer. It’s my job to give the viewers just enough information, but not too much, as they need a personal input into the work also.

If you like to count blades of grass, then my work is not for you. If on the other hand you like drama, light, and movement — then you may like what I do.

No matter what the subject Landscape or even Motorcycle – the real subject is light. The Message, if there is one. ” I liked this and thought you might like to see it too.”  It’s that simple. A chance to see the world through the eyes of another.

I think its part of human contentment to feel a belonging to the land, a sense of place. I know when I am out in the hills, or just out and about I feel content, and count myself very fortunate to have been born in such a place. If I can continue to live and paint on this lovely Island, I will count myself a lucky man.

Long may it be so.