Phil Kneen
Phil Kneen

I’ve been taking photographs all my life, but seriously for about 10 years. In 2000 I went to Bolivia, I hadn’t owned a camera for a few years, so while at Heathrow I bought a Nikon SLR and some film. When I got back I had 25 rolls of film to be developed…

15 years later I have gone from film, into the world of digital, and then back to film again. I’m currently using an array of cameras, film and digital – Polaroid (Impossible Project), Fuji Instax, various 35mm compacts and DSLR. My current ‘working bag’ is a Fuji GW690III 6x9cm and Pentax 67 film cameras, an Olympus MjuII compact and various other assorted 35mm compacts. I also use Fuji X100T and Sigma DP2 digital compacts.

There’s a lot of shit talked about photography, but you go out, take a photo of something you like, if you enjoy that image then it’s a good photo. It’s really that simple.