140 Woodbourne Road,
Isle of Man,

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About Me: Not an easy thing to write as some words are hard to put down on paper – what inspires art? Why do people do it? What makes you choose to draw that specific piece? Well, as for me I graduated from university full of art concepts and meaning behind your work. It didn’t actually have to look good, just as long as it had a story to tell! Well I am glad to break away from tutors who know best on how to be an artist.

To be an artist is to believe in yourself, take what’s around you as guidance but not to influence your whole application. My work stems from thoughts, feelings, emotions and what looks good on paper! I choose to draw in monochrome medias to depict a natural rural beauty in ones work.

I started originally using real life emotions within my art to create some dark pieces of self destruction and mental states of mind, which mostly inspired me to draw pieces which weren’t pretty nor did they follow the norm; now I have gradually added black and white portraits which look a little more stylish on the wall and won’t scare the neighbours. It’s not that I am afraid to use colour, well I am! It just doesn’t work for me, I believe it puts a different spin on what I am trying to achieve.

I hope you enjoy my work, portraiture is where my pencils come to life and my mind continually critiques the work, forcing me to expand ideas and push boundaries of society, which in some ways has become like the norm in the art world, so I guess I will join my fellow artists to continue in the search for more new and exciting projects.

Watch this space!