The first three coloured pictures are ultra-close-up photographs.


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Rosie Wood

Rosie’s work is continually drawn back to the world around her and the strong connections she has for the Island. She searches out texture, colour and form. Her eye is honed to the small unexpected elements that are overlooked by many, finding beauty in unexpected places. Small details in the landscape intrigue her more than a full vista and she endeavours to portray these through her work. Some images remain as photographs but others are translated using various techniques including drawing, printmaking, weaving and felting.

After seeing a white button glistening in a puddle Kandinsky wrote that “everything has a secret soul, which is silent more often than it speaks.” I aim to capture those moments in time when an object expresses itself, when the juxtaposition of light and atmosphere conjures up that magic moment and its true nature is revealed.

We ourselves are like the button; most of our daily lives are ordinary, normal. But at times unexpected or amazing things can happen that will leave their mark.