This will be our next exhibition ‘Saltmother’ an intriguing and exciting collaboration between Carola Colley, Usha Kishore, Bea Lacey and Paul Quayle. 

For the past three years Carola has been working on several interlinked projects as the latest phase of her ongoing investigation ‘9 Threads Woven’

This exhibition brings together her work with poets Usha Kishore and Paul Quayle, and artist Beatrice Lacey.

Her work with Usha is inspired by Usha’s second collection ‘Night Sky Between the Stars’ and her ‘Translating the Divine Woman: Syamala Dandaka’, a translation from the Sanskrit with M Sambasivan. This body of work is a continuation of their collaborative exhibition ‘Threads Across
Waters’ The Mill Arts Centre, Banbury in 2016.

The project with Beatrice involved making drawings and gleaning information from a road trip that went from Olhao to Bilbao, following ancient roads, megalithic sites and finding some of the earliest known rock carving in the Coa Valley.

The resulting work is an investigation of human mark making and its relationship with body and landscape.

At its simplest what is apparent is the sense of interconnectivity between the human making the mark, the landscape upon which the mark is made and the subject of the mark making.
The spiritual sense of place and of being and the physicality of place and experience are indivisibly woven together.

Carola’s work with Paul is a further investigation of sacred landscape both on the Island and from several visits to the Rollrights Stones in Oxfordshire, representing an intuitive response to the specific site visits.

Saltmother at The Hodgson Loom Gallery

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