29th July – 3rd September 2017
Sayle Gallery, 1 – 3 Harris Promenade, Douglas
10 – 5 Tuesday – Saturday   1.30 – 4.30 Sunday

Five of this year’s graduates from University College Isle of Man, are coming together for a first exhibition since becoming trained and qualified artists. Daniel Price, Erin Dimelow, Margaret Buchanan, Rebekah Corlett and Sharon Beedell all work as fine artists but have, over the course of their studies, developed their own individual styles and approaches. They are now embarking on life after full time study and will doubtless disperse as a group, with their work developing individually without the influence and inspiration of each other.

The group have recently held two week degree shows within the College Art Department. The Sayle Gallery hopes to bring their powerful work to a broader/different audience by extending their exhibiting experience within the heart of Douglas.

‘Many strong artists are emerging from UCM’s art department and we want to help promote and celebrate them on the Isle of Man. Much of our young talent is lost to a larger art world elsewhere. The Sayle Gallery is keen to redress this by providing opportunities and making the Island’s public more aware of the tremendous emerging talent within our own shores.’

The work on show explores a range of individual issues, interests and inspirations. The outcomes are made using light installations, photographic techniques, painting and sculptures from traditional and unexpected materials. All the works brought together make for a diverse and interesting show, which reflects the artists shared background, whilst at the same time emphasises the individual diversity.

The exhibition is staged at the Sayle Gallery with the support of the Isle of Man Arts Council.

‘Tabula Rasa’ – New Beginnings at the Sayle Gallery

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