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Isle of Man Art News – 15 August 2016


Well I’m back on the Rock and as promised last week, normal service is now resumed! The holiday was fab and despite having spent a week in the Costa del Sol with temperatures of 30 degrees plus I’m sure I’m still not as brown as Rob Jones who attributes his tan to good old Manx sunshine. Ferg (my dog) survived being looked after by the kids and I do believe she looks a bit slimmer, which I certainly do not, and the day job – it’s Sunday afternoon as I write this – is now only one sleep away. Whilst it’s back to ‘the norm’ for now, there is lots to look forward to and these are exciting times for both myself and the Artists listed on the website as from 1 October I will be reducing my hours at work to spend more time on the Directory and help Artists to promote and sell their work. Huge thanks to my current employers, Tufton Oceanic, for being so supportive and allowing me to do this.

minilogoThe other exciting thing that is happening is that I have entered the Directory into the ‘Innovation’ category of the Ashgrove Creative Awards competition run by Ashgrove Marketing as the publicity will be a fantastic way to help raise awareness of the website and the Artists listed. The People’s Choice Award is sponsored by Ramsey Crookall and is your chance to have a say on the marketing campaigns submitted. 

I would be really, really grateful if you could please vote for the Directory if you have not already done so (and get all your friends to vote too!). To vote, all you have to do is go to Ashgrove Marketing’s Facebook page and ‘like’ (or love if you feel so inclined) the post with the Directory on it and if you want you can also leave a comment.

To those who have already voted and commented, thank you so much! So many of your comments make me feel very humble indeed as I’m just really enjoying what I am doing. Without the support, trust and belief of the Artists in this venture the website would not be where it is at today. With your support in this competition I hope to take the website to the next stage of it’s development and to make it an invaluable resource for everyone with an interest in the Visual Arts.




minilogoI’m loving Rebecca Odessa’s latest work. If you follow this blog regularly you may remember that Rebecca spent a week at The Slade in London recently so I’m guessing that these pictures are implementing some of her new thinking. Having seen some of Rebecca’s early work, less is definitely more in her case as some of her early work seemed to be too busy. I really like the simplicity of these, but don’t get me wrong! Whilst they look simple I am quite sure that the majority of us non-artist human beings could never conceive producing something so pretty. (Click the pics to view in the Lightbox).


minilogoColleen Corlett is busy preparing for her new solo exhibition which will be at The Sayle Gallery in October.  It’s going to be a mixture of different media – watercolours, pastels, sandblasted glass, stained glass, tapestries, quilting and ceramics. Colleen posted up some pictures on FB which as you would expect were looking great, but it wasn’t those that caught my eye this week. It was another FB post of hers – a portrait of a friend. I had no idea she was such a great portrait artist but I think this goes to show just what a talented lady she is.


minilogoCheck out the latest MakeMarket events coming up this week. Bethany Williams, Alice Fayle, and Lisa Angwin will be in the Market Hall Thursday/Friday this week to talk about their blossoming careers, how they are making it in the competitive fashion world, and to inspire others to follow in their footsteps. To read the full press release follow the link above.


minilogoI mentioned a couple of weeks ago that the Sayle Gallery is planning to hold a month long exhibition between 8 September – 7 October, celebrating the life and work of the late and much missed artist Simon Buttimore and is asking for your help. The gallery is working to track down Simon’s artworks which he produced over his 40 year career. Everything loaned will be treated with the greatest of respect, the owner will get full accreditation and the item will be safely returned once the exhibition is over. Please call Carola Rush at The Sayle on 674557 if you have any of his artwork that you would be happy to loan to the exhibition or, if immovable, you are happy to be photographed.

Simon Buttimore – photo by Simon Park


minilogoDates for your  Diary:


On now – Hodgson Loom Gallery – Summer Symphony of Silk

On now – The Isle Gallery – Juan Moore’s ‘Odd Days’

On now – Studio 42 – Summer Show (Win Norton and Catherine James)

On now – The Sayle Gallery – Art in the Park Display

16 August – The Isle Gallery – Children’s Workshop ‘Animal Portraits’

16 & 17 August – Silver Willow Studio (Erica Kermode) – Summer Ceramics (limited places so please book)

18/19 August – MakeMarket at Douglas Market Hall

20 August through to 19 November – Manx Museum – ‘Islands and Bridges’ The Art of Roger Dean

and, if you happen to be in Guernsey next month, Jeremy Paul’s new exhibition will be at the Coach House Gallery, St. Peters, Guernsey from 4 – 30 September.


minilogoHere are a few images I’ve saved from social media over the past week. Click on the pictures to open in the Lightbox. Enjoy.



minilogoIf you enjoy these news updates, please Share them with your friends and colleagues on FB and Linkedin to help raise awareness of our very talented local Artists.  

Have a great week!


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Isle of Man Art News – 27 June 2016


There’s never a week goes by without something happening in the Isle of Man art scene and this week was no disappointment with a new exhibition opening at the Hodgson Loom Gallery in Laxey at the weekend. I called in to say hello thinking the place would be packed out as there seemed to be cars absolutely everywhere, but it turned that just about everyone was at the Laxey Fair! How rude. Still, it gave me a chance to catch up with Julia Smyth and to meet the very talented Kasia Mirska, who I hope I have persuaded to have a page on the Directory.

There really are some wonderful pictures on display, from Howard Shimmin’s wildly colourful landscapes, to Kasia’s humorous renditions, Clara Nathan’s work with organic materials in muted tones and Rebecca Odessa’s thought provoking collages. It’s a good job I don’t have a picture buying budget at present as I would have been very hard-pressed to choose which to have, and would have wanted at least one of each. But don’t let that stop you – please do go along and buy, buy, buy as then our lovely artists will create yet more gorgeous work for us all to enjoy.

Click on any of the pictures throughout this post to view them in the light box.

minilogoAs I walked over to chat to Julia, she was just finishing off a little sketch in her sketchbook which was awesome to see her do with such ease and reminded me that I was shortly to face the unknown…. the Frida Kahlo workshop at The Isle Gallery that I had booked myself onto in a moment of foolhardiness a few weeks ago. Still, as promised last week, here are the results of my labour…… OK! You can stop laughing now. If anyone needs a booby prize for a competition just let me know.

I had such a fun time though that I highly recommend you book onto one of the courses available. You get plenty of help and Kate Jerry demonstrates how to go about it and takes you through the process step by step. It’s great value for money and for anyone, like me, who hasn’t tried to draw or paint anything since school, it’s a great way to be able to have a go without committing to buying lots of expensive materials when you don’t know whether you’re likely to ever give it another try. For me, however, I think I have enough to do besides the day-job at present so don’t be expecting any more masterpieces from me in the near future 😉

Here are one or two of the other creations from the workshop to give you an idea of the variety of work produced – it really goes to show how different everyone is.


minilogoYou may have noticed a couple of new posts going out this last week or so; ‘Neb and Nonsense’ and ‘Art I Own’. If you find any arty ‘nonsense’ do let me know (you can email me: and if you have original artwork by a local artist that you would be happy to share, again, please do get in touch. The idea of ‘Art I Own’ is to share pictures of work that is in private ownership which may not have been seen by the public for some time – or even at all! I’ve got a couple of Paul Parker’s pictures from 1991 that I will be sharing in the coming weeks, also one of Adam Berry’s, and others by my mum and my sister. So don’t be shy, please do take a snap and send it in. 


minilogoI debated long and hard whether or not to go to yoga last Thursday lunchtime, decided it was good for me, and so even though my heart was saying no and my head was saying yes I trotted down to the yoga studio only to find the back door locked. Undeterred at this stage, having made it so far, I headed round the front and up the stairs to find the place pretty much deserted apart from one set of clothes in the changing room. I then successfully convinced myself that it must be a private class and put the rest of my lunch hour to much better use by calling into The Sayle Gallery to see what was going on.

It was lovely to see College graduates Kirsten Penzes and Helen Tate at The Sayle. They are doing a job share in a part-time capacity which, having just finished their BA(Hons) in Fine Art, will be great experience for them. A couple of the windows at the Gallery are going to be dedicated to student work over the summer, with displays being rotated every couple of weeks. I think this is a fabulous idea to help the students gain visibility and to give them the confidence they need to take the next steps in their careers. There really has been some great work produced by the College students this year so I know you won’t be disappointed and like me, will probably find excuses to keep going back. Yoga? Well yes, maybe Mondays when the gallery is closed….

Carola Rush filled me in on some of the up-coming events at The Sayle; Peter Davies’ exhibition, ‘Of time and place’ opens on 1 July and runs right through to 31 July. The press release reads: “Peter has enjoyed a long career spanning five decades in the arts. Born in Moreton on the Wirral peninsula, he was educated at Wallasey School of Art, Birmingham College of Art and Birmingham University, and latterly served as Principal of Bournemouth and Poole College of Art and Design.

Throughout this time he has produced a richly diverse body of work, inspired by his fascination with a sense of time and place, encompassing paintings, drawings, studio pieces, illustrations, collages and prints. Much of this is produced on location, notably around England, France and the Isle of Man, where he records the prevailing weather conditions, seasons or time of day, capturing the unique spirit of a moment in time.”.

Also coming up over the weekend of August 7/8th, is ‘Art in the Park’ which sounds very exciting. A group of around 6-8 artists will be making Art in the Villa Marina gardens and the public will be able to participate. Amongst other demonstrations, Gavin Carter will be doing some wood carving / sculpting and Rob Smith will be doing some large, experimental paintings. These will then be displayed in The Sayle Gallery. It sounds like it will be a lot of fun so pop that one in your diary while you remember.

minilogoSvetlana Cameron  posted up on FB to say that she is very honoured and delighted to be invited to organise a display of ceremonial portraits and Tynwald Day themed paintings in the Parliament of the Isle of Man. She would be delighted if you would like to see her works which will be displayed in the Tynwald Library between 28 June and 22 July.

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