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Isle of Man Art News – 20 March 2017


The News is kindly Supported by the Isle of Man Arts Council.

Things are hotting up nicely on the Island. Perhaps not so much the weather, although the days are drawing out now and the bright yellow of the daffodils along the hedgerows zing with the promise of warm sunny days to come. No, I’m referring of course to all things Arty. There are new shows on the horizon, the Wearable Art show in a couple of weeks’ time followed quickly by the Isle of Man Art Society’s Easter Art Festival and then hot on the heels of that the Creative Network’s fabulous IOM Art Festival over the May bank holiday weekend. A veritable feast for the eyes and all here on your doorstep. Unless of course you are reading this from further afield, in which case you should probably come and visit 😉

Today marks an anniversary for me – I’ve been writing the news for a whole year this week. I can hardly believe where the time has gone or indeed that there has consistently been interesting goings-on to tell you about. Even the first few weeks of the year when I was warned it was a pretty quiet time, there was always someone doing something worth talking about. I think it goes to show just how many wonderful creatives we have here on the Island.

This week I went to the Isle of Architecture’s Pecha Kucha 20×20 on buildings at The Alpine Cafe. I thoroughly enjoyed the evening and took my mum along for company. She said ‘Pecha Kucha’ sounded like something from Peru and still couldn’t remember what it was called on the way home so no doubt she will have been telling her Friday lunch friends that she enjoyed the Machu Picchu!

There were some excellent presentations and Martyn Thomas mentioned an Instagram page which I followed straight away so as not to forget about it. It’s ‘iom_rb‘ which is posting up a photograph of a registered building each day. I was pleased to see ‘Isola’ on there already due to my connection with it, my parents having turned it into ‘Scott’s Bistro’ in the mid 1980’s.

One of the people presenting at the ‘Machu Picchu’ was Daniel Price who is in his final year at UCM. I first spotted Daniel’s work last year at the Douglas Market Hall and he also exhibited last year with fellow students Rebekah Corlett and Erin Dimelow at Studio 42 in Port St. Mary in an exhibition called ‘RED’. It didn’t occur to me until weeks later that ‘RED’ was actually an acronym of their names. Daniel, I think, is a very talented young man and someone you should keep an eye out for in the future. Here are a few of his pictures.

It’s the last week of the fantastic show at The Sayle Gallery, Turning Point, which features work by Mark Wallinger (Turner Prize winner in 2007), Kevin Atherton, Keith McIntyre, Shona Illingworth and Sue Collins. Before the conclusion of the show, however, there is an open invitation to artists of the Island to come together for an informal discussion about such questions as, ‘how are artists affected by the communities they make work in?’ and ‘how are artists affected by how that community responds to their work?’. This will be at The Sayle on Thursday this week from 6.00 – 8.00pm.

This invitation is especially extended to young artists who are perhaps still students or are just starting out on their artistic careers but all are welcome. As well as hoping for some healthy discussion, those of you who are using/experimenting with video and projection as part of your practice are invited to bring your work along to make full use of the fantastic projection set up that has been created for Mark Wallinger’s piece, so if you would like to see your work projected large through a high spec projector, then bring along a digital copy (either on a SD card or in a form we can easily play on a lap-top).

The second screening of Keith McIntyre’s film about Moylley yn Burroo, the Drinking Dragon rock which crouches and drinks from the sea just off the Calf of Man is on on Saturday 25th March at 2pm at The Sayle. Keith spent time on the Isle of Man in 2015 where he studied and filmed the Dragon along with other artists, including poet, Usha Kishore, who has also contributed to the film. The show closes on Sunday.

Helen Fox, curator of the exhibition, has prepared a survey and has asked me to put it in the news this week – however – please note, it is for students only: Please follow the link to complete if you are currently studying at UCM:

Paul Parker posted up a few more of his beautiful water colours. As with all of the pictures you can click on them to view.

Roger Dean, together with his family, will be exhibiting in a joint exhibition in Tokyo from 7 April – 19 May at Courtyard Hiroo, Tokyo (

Many people will be familiar with the glowing colours and gravity defying islands painted by Roger Dean. Not so many people may know that he is one of a family of artists, one of whom is living in Tokyo, his daughter Freyja. Her mother Amanda Dean is based in the UK, as well as Roger Dean’s mother Jane Dean who is a painter.

Some of Roger’s original paintings along with prints, books and other signed items are available at The Sayle Gallery.

Dates for your Diary

On now – 27  March – Turning Point at The Sayle Gallery

22 March – Sarah Hendy’s new arts show ‘Spotlight’ on Manx Radio, 5.30 – 6.00pm (and every Wednesday)

23 March – 6.00pm – 8.00pm – Discussion and Projection at The Sayle Gallery (mentioned above)

23 March 7.00pm – 10.00pm SofA filmclub 07 – EAMES the painter + the architect at the Bath & Bottle

25 March – Mother’s Day Shop from 12pm – Katy Mitchell Ceramics at Lower Bishopscourt Farm, Kirk Michael

25 March – 27 April – Olive Wassall and Karl Garrett opens at the Hodgson Loom Gallery – Opening 2.00pm on the 25th.

26 March – Jimmy Duggan Solo Show at The Isle Gallery – opening on Sunday at 2.00pm

31 March – 7.00pm – 9.00pm – Manx Wearable Art Catwalk Show at the Youth Arts Centre, Kensington Road (Doors open to public 19.00. Admission £6
To reserve tickets call 07624 437339)

31 March – Cut Off for IOM Art Festival Entries!

6 April – 7.00pm – 8.00pm – Noa Bakehouse, Contemporary Architecture Talks – Hannah Corlett

8 April – 6.30pm – 10.30pm -Adults Pot Thrown & Hand Built Ceramic Workshop for 2 – The Isle Gallery

8 April – 21 April – Easter Treasure Hunt in the Milntown Gardens, Ramsey – another great reason to call and see Rob Jones’s Drawn Steel Through the Seasons

11 April – 2 May – Noa Bakehouse – ‘Around The Mountain’ by Graham Rider

Here’s this week’s round up of images from Social Media.

Have a great week!

Jane x

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Isle of Man Art News – 10 October 2016


If there’s one thing for certain on our little Island it’s that we have an amazing variety of wonderfully talented Artists. Last weekend we had the opening of Bruno Cavellec’s solo show ‘Lifted’ at The Isle Gallery and this week saw the opening of  ‘Elemental’ at the Hodgson Loom Gallery above Laxey Woollen Mills. Very different styles for sure but it’s the quality of all the Artists currently showing that I think is quite remarkable. I talked about Bruno’s show in the news last week and Manx Radio has very kindly sent me an edited version of his radio interview which I have added to his Artist page on  the Directory and have also included HERE if you would like to listen to it, so this week I’d like to tell you about ‘Elemental’….

I was very excited on Monday evening to receive an invitation from Julia Ashby Smyth to a ‘pre-Preview ‘on Thursday evening before the Preview itself on Friday. She tried to lure me in with the promise of cakes, tea and a naked torso or two and whilst my ears did prick up at the prospect of a naked torso, I didn’t really need any encouragement at all and was delighted to take up her offer. When I arrived shortly before 6pm, a lot of the show was hung or otherwise in place but there was still a fair amount to get done. There are three Artists’ work making up the Exhibition, Julia’s work, Neil Milsom and Liz Cowin. Julia is a fabulous curator and has a real talent for knowing which Artists’ work goes well together as evidenced by other shows I’ve seen at the gallery this year. Her ethereal works, mostly in pencil, of mythicial folk and creatures, contrast yet compliment Neil’s stone sculptures, honed and polished, some with runic symbols and others with gilding. Liz Cowin’s large scale pictures add an element of colour and pageantry which is also reflected in her beautifully crafted crown and cuff. There’s a wonderful essence of something ancient and powerful emanating from these works. Perhaps it appeals to me particularly from my love of reading fantasy as a young adult, but even if it’s not your cup of tea it’s still well worth going to see simply to appreciate the skill and craft of these three Artists.

These pictures are best viewed in the Lightbox – click on any image to view.

I recorded a bit of conversation on my phone with Julia to send to Manx Radio as I was on the show to do my monthly Art round-up on Friday with Colleen Corlett. I don’t know how to edit these things yet and my skills as a radio presenter need a fair bit of work, but you can listen to the clip HERE. Apologies for the first 15-20 seconds which are crackly and didn’t work and the comment at the end about hoping it worked! It’s about 6 minutes in all but interesting to hear a bit of the story behind a couple of the pictures on show. ‘Elemental’ is open Monday – Saturday, 9am to 5pm and the show runs until 5 November.

minilogoMoving onto Friday afternoon, I had the pleasure of being on the wireless with Colleen and the Women Today ladies. Colleen’s solo show ‘Answering the Need to Create’ at The Sayle Gallery also promises to be something special and it encompasses a broad range of mediums – everything from embroidery to pastels and watercolours to sand blasted glass with lots of other goodies in between. Colleen is very modest about her work – it was only that I had coffee with her a couple of weeks ago that I knew about the two illuminated pieces of work that have been presented to the Queen, otherwise I doubt she would have mentioned it. Many people will know Colleen’s work without even realising it as she worked for the Post Office for 15 years and designed many of our stamps. She says that the nice thing about our stamps is that the Artist is allowed to have their name on them which doesn’t happen in many other places, including the UK and – just name-dropping again for emphasis, the Queen has to review and approve all of the stamp designs before they can be used, so she must be pretty familiar with Colleen’s work. If it’s good enough for the Queen then I’m pretty sure it’s pretty good 🙂

Colleen’s show opens at The Sayle Galley on Friday 14th October with the Preview on the evening of Thursday 13th.

minilogoSally Black’s exhibition at Noa Bakehouse also opens this week. I don’t know much about this one but I do know Sally’s work so I’m looking forward to going along to the Preview on Wednesday. If it is as I expect it will certainly be worth having a ‘waddle’ along to take a look – you can even have a coffee while you appreciate the Artwork and you never know, you might even get to start your Christmas shopping early.

minilogoThis is slightly ‘left field’ for the Directory but I couldn’t resist some further bragging about what amazingly creative and artistic folk this Island turns out. Justin Thornton and Thea Bregazzi, the owners and designers behind international fashion brand ‘Preen’ grew up and were educated on the Island. There was a good article in the Guardian recently which a few Artists who know them picked up on and I’ve included a link to it HERE. They were in the press again recently when the Duchess of Cambridge wore one of their dresses to a reception in Government House in Victoria, British Columbia.

minilogoThere’s a lovely new Artist page on the Directory: Andrew MacKellar. Andy’s work is vibrant and emotive and I’m delighted to be able to show you his work. Here is a sample for you.

minilogoI do like a good photo and it was great to see that Cian Quayle has been wielding his camera recently. Cian had an exhibition earlier this year at The Sayle Gallery, ‘Points of Departure’, which spanned a thirty year period. The exhibition investigated ideas of ‘place’ and what lies between ‘home’ and elsewhere. Cian was born and raised on the Isle of Man and studied the Foundation course at the Isle of Man College. He went on to study painting and printmaking at Bradford College, then gained an MA in Fine Art at Winchester School of Art and finally a PhD from Camberwell College of Arts (University of Arts London).

minilogoClaire Pearse from Element.isle posted up a very good idea on FB this week, saying that this year she would like to buy as many Christmas gifts as she can from Facebook friends who own small businesses whether it be handbags, jewellery, candles, pampering products, clothes, handmade crafts, books or art. As she says, we should buy from those we know! The idea is that you post ONE link to your business in the comments section (ie your Facebook page, Etsy shop etc.) then copy and paste the post as your status so that the original person posting can comment on your post. That way any friends can look through the links for their Christmas shopping and in so doing support local families directly.

To take this a step further, and because FB threads easily and quickly get lost, I’ve decided to create a Christmas page for ANY local craft or small business (such as those mentioned above) to have a link to their shop page. It will look a lot like the main Artist Directory page but when you click on the picture the hyperlink will take you directly to the relevant store or FB page, so even if you don’t have an online store you can still advertise your business.

All you need to do is send one image of less than 100kb in size to represent your business and the URL of your shop page. The cost is free to Premium Members of the Directory, ÂŁ5.00 for Artists with listings and ÂŁ10 to all other businesses and we will all benefit from the advertising. The Christmas shop page will be available until the end of December.

minilogoDates for your  Diary:

On now – Autumnal Show – Sheena Graham-George at Studio 42

On now to 30 October – Bruno Cavellec – Solo show ‘Lifted’ at The Isle Gallery

On now to 5 November – Elemental at the Hodgson Loom Gallery

On now through to 19 November – Manx Museum – ‘Islands and Bridges’ The Art of Roger Dean

13 October – 2 November – Sally Black at Noa Bakehouse

13 October – 20 November – Colleen Corlett “Answering the Need to Create” at the Sayle Gallery

14 October – 28 October – Svetlana Cameron – Solo Exhibition – 37 Kensington High Street, London

20 October – Creative Industries Public Meeting No. 6 at Noa Bakehouse, 6pm

25 October – Make your own Breakfast Bowl and Spoon – The Isle Gallery, 10am

25 October – Ceramic Hands Family Art Workshop – The Isle Gallery, 2pm

26 October – The Book of Life Art Workshop- The Isle Gallery – 10am

26 October – Teens & Tweens Art Masterclass, Collage Landscape – The Isle Gallery – 6pm

minilogoFinally, here is my usual round up of images found on social media this week. Enjoy.

minilogoPlease Share these updates with your friends and colleagues on FB and Linkedin to help raise awareness of our very talented local Artists.

Have a great week!


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Isle of Man Art News – 25 July 2016


It never ceases to amaze me, for an Island with a population of around 80,000, just how diverse and talented the people are. We have everyone from astronauts to zillionaires, Olympic medalists to West end stars and best selling authors to block buster movie actors to list but a few. So imagine my delight when not one but two very accomplished fabric artists got in touch recently to ask for pages on the Directory! Frances Boyd has been commissioned to produce a fabric design for Christian Lacroix and Alice Fayle’s designs were used in the Autumn/Winter 2015, Resort 2016 and Spring/Summer 2016 collections shown at Milan Fashion Week. I feel very honoured to have them both on the Directory. You can click on their name links to see their pages for yourself  but here is a little sample (or should I say swatch…) for you below.


minilogoI was a bit early on Saturday for the opening of the new Summer Symphony of Silk Exhibition at the Hodgson Loom Gallery as I called in on the way back to Ramsey from an appointment in Douglas and didn’t really want to do two trips. That’s a real Manx attitude isn’t it? All the way to Laxey! The very lovely Julia Smyth let me have a sneak preview though and it was great to have a chat with her before everyone arrived.

We were talking silk and fabrics in general with it being an exhibition of silk paintings and Julia told me about a collaboration or cross over (perhaps a cross-stitch?) between the Mannin Quilters and the Isle of Man Embroiderers which works a bit like the ‘Chinese Whispers’ game. Someone starts off with inspiration for the first piece and once it is created, it gets sent to someone else who produces a piece of work inspired by the first. The second piece (but not the first) then gets sent onto the next person who produces their piece using the second as the inspiration and so it goes on until around a dozen pieces are created. I’m interested to know more about this and would love to see how it works out so if any Quilters or Embroiderers are reading this and know about it or are involved with the project, do please leave a comment or get in touch. I first came across the Mannin Quilters at the Isle of Man Art Festival over the May bank holiday weekend and it was quite a revelation to me – I had no idea that so many people did quilting and the work was just fabulous. I do like the idea of things being beautiful as well as practical.

The Summer Symphony of Silk exhibition has been beautifully curated by Julia. Jean Buck, who teaches silk painting, is wonderfully talented and several of her works in particular caught my eye as did the lovely ‘Sails’ picture by Anne Cannell (below). The medium produces very colourful and vibrant pictures. Do go along and take a look and don’t forget to take your wallet or purse with you because you will be kicking yourself if you don’t. Here are a few of the pictures to whet your appetite.


minilogoIt was good to hear from Studio 42 on FB this week. Eben unfortunately had a serious car accident but is now back in action and introduced his new exhibition featuring Win Norton and Catherine James which opens on 5th August with the preview night on 4th August, 6.30-8.30pm. All welcome.


minilogoNeb was on the mark this week with his ‘Pokemon Go’ cartoon. Nice one Andy! Look out for the ‘Neb and Nonsense‘ posts on the Directory which are published on Wednesdays.

neb- pokemon-go



minilogoIsle of Man Creative Industries is holding its fifth public meeting at Noa Bakehouse on Thursday this week commencing at 6pm.

It will be an opportunity to hear about two projects: Isle of Architecture which I mentioned in last week’s news update and also the Creative Industries Festival at the Market Hall ‘Make Market‘.  Presentations for both projects will be made and there will be opportunities for you to find out how to get involved.  As in previous meetings there will be chance to mingle and meet other attending creatives.

MakeMarket is a Creative Industries Takeover at Douglas Market Hall featuring a summer programme of hands-on workshops, demos, talks, pop-up studios and practical advice for established or aspiring creatives and anyone interested in the creative use of space. Make Market launches at the end of July 2016 in the Island’s original Market Hall – a central location in Douglas and former heartbeat of the community. Don’t miss this exciting line-up of events. It’s free and there for everyone to enjoy and be involved!

MakeMarket focuses on creativity and how it stimulates the surrounding economy. A shared space where anyone can learn about and be involved in creative thinking, design and problem solving. A space where ideas come together and resources are shared. A thought factory where ideas flourish.

A place to make, discuss, market and exhibit skills.


minilogoThe very talented Hebe Atzori is back on the island after her travels and she posted up this video. She says she is super excited to be collaborating with Claire Christian Couture Ltd – the video is of Hebe drawing up ideas at the studio.


minilogoDates for your  Diary:


Tuesday 26th July, 10.30am, Screen Printing Workshop at The Isle Gallery (a couple of places left)

Thursday 28th July, 6pm, Noa Bakehouse – Isle of Man Creative Industries Fifth Public Meeting

Thursday 28th – Sat 30th July – Make Market at the Douglas Market Hall

Friday 29th July – 2pm – me and Juan Moore on the Women Today programme, Manx Radio

Sunday 31st July, 2pm, Juan Moore’s ‘Odd Days’ Exhibition – meet the artist at The Isle Gallery

Wednesday 3rd – Sunday 7th August – Katy Mitchell – Potter-in-Residence at the Market Hall

Thursday 4th August, 6.30pm-8.30pm, Summer Show preview at Studio 42, Port St. Mary

Weekend of 5th, 6th, 7th August, 10am-4pm, Art in the Park, Villa Marina Gardens


minilogoIn case you have been missing it, here are a few images I’ve saved from social media over the past week for your delectation. Click on the pictures to open in the Lightbox. Enjoy.



minilogoIf you enjoy these news updates, please Share them with your friends and colleagues on FB and Linkedin to help raise awareness of our very talented local Artists.  

Have a great week!


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