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Isle of Man Art News – 26 September 2016

It’s been a while since I ventured further south than the airport – in fact I can pin point it to the fabulous Isle of Man Art Festival back in May organised by the Creative Network – so on Saturday afternoon I scooped up my friend Sarah for a girlie catch up and a pootle down south. Our first port of call was to see Claire Pearse at Grenaby Studios (ELEMENTisle) and despite it being a very blustery day it was good to see that there was a steady stream of customers and visitors. Claire told us that she’s very busy and that her Etsy shop is also doing very well which is fabulous news but not really surprising (if you haven’t seen her work you can check it out here). She’s going to be moving from her present workshop across the yard to the unit being vacated by the very talented Simon Capelen who is off to warmer climes. It’s a more modern unit and warmer and with another Manx winter marching ever closer … well, I would – wouldn’t you?!


After a much needed tea and cake break in Port Erin we headed over to see Eban at Studio 42 in Port St. Mary. I’d planned to go to the Preview of his new show of Sheena Graham-George’s work on Thursday night but there was the small matter of the election and I felt compelled to do my duty and head back to Ramsey after work to vote. The thought of then driving ALL the way to Port St. Mary and then back to Ramsey again was just a bit too much for a Manx girl, hence the reason for going on Saturday. Sheena’s work is lovely and reminded me a bit of some children’s book illustrations I’ve seen along the way (Eban suggested Raymond Briggs’s book ‘The Snowman’ which I think is not far off the mark). There were quite a few dots but some pieces are still available for sale so do pop in for a look. There was a very nice Catherine James watercolour I liked a lot too and Eban has a good collection of work in by a variety of artists so I’d be surprised if you didn’t find something you like.

Eban looked well and was in good spirits and we had a bit of a natter about the exhibition and other work in his Studio. He’s a great supporter of young, emerging talent and has a wall dedicated to Daniel Price’s work. Daniel is starting back at college just now for his final year and it will be great to see how his work develops this year.

Here’s this week’s round-up of what’s a-happening…..

minilogoOn Wednesday (28th September) this week at 6pm there is a MakeMarket event at the Douglas Market Hall which is an Image and Text workshop by Helen Fox and Usha Kishore which explores the links between text and image. You can bring an image and create a piece of text, such as poem. Or you can bring in a piece of poetry and illustrate it. Alternatively, images and text can be provided for you to work on. Here’s a sample of the sort of material that might be illustrated, or even produced.

Dappled Light

Limpid light, shimmering like silk, poured
into shade, a black bird’s call, an afternoon
dreaming – a strange glow envelops the woods,
scripting time into stone. I want to write
of the first light that shone on earth, when
darkness was upon the face of the deep.
I want to write of the earth bathed in twilight,
of a wayward shade that sinks into the seams
of oceans. Distant hills soar in my thoughts;
a rivulet of verse ebbs and flows, and fire syllables
script my lines across the page: an image,
a vision. I want to write the story of light
that lived, breathed and died with each day.
I want to write the world in dappled light.

© Usha Kishore, Sept 2016

(Acknowledging: Genesis 1.2)

minilogoOn Wednesday 28th Setpember, 6.30pm at The Sayle Gallery, there is an Adult Workshop (age 14+) – Manipulating Movies: “Manipulating a short cycle of film using paint, tearing, sketching etc in order to create a short animation, inspired by Simon Buttimore’s experimental film of the local scenery and people.” The cost for this workshop is £20 per person.

Also at The Sayle on Saturday, 1 October (1pm to 3pm) there is a family workshop ‘Balinese Shadow Puppetry’ inspired by the eclectic collection of Asian artifacts that Simon Buttimore collected throughout his life, and his wonders with other cultures, have a go at some Balinese-inspired shadow puppetry to create a collaborative story performance. The cost is £20 per family.


minilogoJeremy Paul’s exhibition at The Coach House in Guernsey closes on 30th September and he’s sold some fabulous paintings. I don’t think you can ever really tire of seeing Jeremy’s work so I’ve put together a few of my favourite pictures from his recent posts. What can I say – they’re just amazing. Click to view in the Lightbox.

minilogoThe Hodgson Loom Gallery announced the theme for their open art competition this year is ‘Time’. You can read the details below (click to view).

minilogoDates for your  Diary:

On now to 1 October – Hodgson Loom Gallery – Chinese Whispers

On now to  9 October – ‘A Man Apart’ The Life and Work of Simon Buttimore at The Sayle Gallery

On now – Autumnal Show – Sheena Graham-George at Studio 42

On now through to 19 November – Manx Museum – ‘Islands and Bridges’ The Art of Roger Dean

28 September – Women Today – Bruno Cavellec talking about his solo show, ‘Lifted’

2 October to 30 October – Bruno Cavellec – Solo show ‘Lifted’ at The Isle Gallery – opens at 2.00pm on Sunday 2nd October, all welcome.

7 October –  Paul Parker at the Braaid Hall – Watercolour Painting (5 days on light and tone over 5 weeks)

7 October – Elemental Preview at the Hodgson Loom Gallery 6.00pm – 8.30pm – all welcome.

13 October – 2 November – Sally Black at Noa Bakehouse

13 October – 20 November – Colleen Corlett “Answering the Need to Create” at the Sayle Gallery

14 October – 28 October – Svetlana Cameron – Solo Exhibition – 37 Kensington High Street, London

minilogoAnd finally, here is my round-up of images chosen from social media this week – enjoy!

minilogoPlease Share these updates with your friends and colleagues on FB and Linkedin to help raise awareness of our very talented local Artists.

Have a great week!


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Dedicated follower of fashion? MakeMarket is the place to be

ALICE ballyprefall'16-2

Young local fashion designers are returning to the Island this week to inspire others to follow in their footsteps.

MakeMarket: A Creative Industries Takeover has invited Bethany Williams, Alice Fayle and Lisa Angwin back to the Market Hall to talk about their blossoming careers, how they are making it in the competitive fashion world, and to inspire others to follow in their footsteps. 

ALICE ballyprefall'16-2
Alice Fayle – Bally pre-fall 2016 collection.


All three women were educated on the Island before heading to specialist design and fashion colleges in the UK.  And since graduating, their work has been seen on the catwalks in London and Milan, been referenced by influential fashion bloggers, featured in established magazines, and shared across the world.

Bethany Williams partnered with Tesco and Vauxhall Food Bank to create a completely recycled collection titled ‘Breadline’ for her London Fashion College MA graduate show this year to great acclaim from the fashion press.  Alice Fayle, who graduated with a BA (Hons) in Fashion Design from Ravensbourne in 2012  and now works as a freelance textile and fashion designer,  has recently produced print designs for Bally, Etro, The Kooples and Billabong.   Established designer and stylist Lisa Angwin specialises in working with influential women in the music industry for shoots, appearances and tours, and also won the ‘Pitch It’ competition with an astonishing 50% of the vote from on- and off-Island judges at IsleExpo earlier this year.

“We are delighted to make this very exciting, continually evolving Creative Industry part of MakeMarket,” says organiser Sam Jones. “From the beginning of the project we wanted to promote the whole Creative Industries sector and show off the amazing creative talent there is here: Bethany, Alice and Lisa are just three of the successful fashion designers the Island has produced. They all took advantage of what the Island offers to develop their talents and skills and have gone on to some real great things for women so young.  Creative opportunities are here for the taking – if Lisa, Bethany and Alice can encourage other young artists and designers to do what they’ve done, then the Creative Industries in the Island will continue to thrive.”

On Thursday 18 August there will be an evening of quick-fire presentations during which Lisa, Bethany and Alice, along with current fashion design students Holly Williamson and Emily-Jane Bell will talk about their industry experience and evolving portfolios.  An informal panel discussion following the presentations will explore the challenges, paths and opportunities offered through a career in fashion giving visitors and students the opportunity to meet the designers and ask questions.  Healthy and delicious refreshments from local drinks brand Roots Beverage Company will also be available.

On Friday 19 August, and in keeping with the pop-up ethos of MakeMarket, the Market Hall will be taken over by a ‘hands-on’ exhibition and demonstration area with designer stands, collections, clothing, and opportunities for visitors to learn the tricks of the trade from the experts and try their hand at relevant skills and techniques.

“We’d like visitors to feel inspired not overwhelmed,” continues Sam.  “All our experts will be on hand to encourage anyone, of whatever age, and at whatever stage in their career.  It promises to be an exciting opportunity for all those interested in fashion, whether you’re a budding designer, you make your own clothes or even if you just love following the trends to update your own wardrobe.”

Full details of the fashion programme – entry is free of charge – and all the exciting pop-up events at the Market Hall can be found on the MakeMarket Facebook page, and you can follow @MakeMarketIOM on twitter to get up to date notifications.


MakeMarket: A Creative Industries Takeover is supported by the Isle of Man Arts Council, Department of Economic Development, Culture Vannin, Manx Lottery Trust and UCM. The initiative is being co-ordinated by UCM and local events and marketing consultancy Revel.


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Isle of Man Art News – 8 August 2016

This week’s art news is very brief as I am on holiday and only have my iPad to work with which makes a full news update a bit tricky to produce. So far the kids, who are at home looking after my baby (Ferg, the dog) have not ‘fessed up to any disasters and I’m hoping that all is well and they’re not just saving them up for when we get back. Last year the only things that happened were the cling film dispenser got broken, there was a mysterious dent in a pan and they left poor Ferg on the doorstep for about 4 hours because they forgot to let her back in. I can cope with dents in pans but they’d better look after my little girl!


minilogoSvetlana Cameron announced over the weekend that she has been asked to paint an official portrait for a Pontifical College in Rome. Delivery of the portrait needs to be timed with an event in a few years’ time and she is planning to travel to Rome next year to visit the venue and view other portraits in the collection of the College. Wow, congratulations Svetlana! I love Rome – if you need someone to carry your paint brushes just let me know (although you might have difficulty prysing me out of the Villa Borghese…). 

minilogoClaire Pearse aka Element.Isle posted up on FB to let people know that her studio at Grenaby will be closed until Friday 2nd September when normal weekend opening will once again resume after taking some time off with her children over the holidays. She has also closed her online shop but all orders already placed will be fulfilled.


minilogoDo keep checking in on the MakeMarket events at the Douglas Market Hall as there are all sorts of things happening there over the summer holidays. I unfortunately missed the Art in the Park event organised by The Sayle Gallery and if you didn’t get a chance to be a part of it either you can still see the results at the gallery over the next few weeks. 

minilogoDates for your Diary:

Tuesday 9th August – Children’s Workshop at the Isle Gallery – The Jungle Book

Opening Saturday 20th August – Islands and Bridges – The work of Roger Dean at the Manx Museum.

Here are a couple of pictures I’ve saved for you from social media this week…

Jeremy Paul
Alice Fayle
Tom Kowalski

Normal service will resume next week, until then, have a good one!