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Neb and Nonsense


Neb and Nonsense is a new post featuring Neb’s comic strips by the young and very talented local Artist, Andy Noble. The ‘Nonsense’ bit is either some unintelligible comment on an Art post on Social Media or otherwise pretentious paragraph pilfered from art literature. A little light-heartedness for mid week.


Featuring Two Dogs One Brain, Quick Sticks and Guessing Gaps.

Each post will feature a new strip of either series.
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and Nonsense….

This week selected from a comments thread found on a CFile post on Facebook:

“Oy oy…let us find the ways to make this an anomaly…so crazy and WOW!!! NOT! Fabulous work filled charged with feeling while still retaining the technical virtuosity maintaining Europe’s claim on abstracted classicism and absolute refinement…otherwise known as minimalism?”

If anyone would like to have a go at translating that into a meaningful sentence, please feel free to leave a comment below.