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The forthcoming exhibition at the Sayle Gallery in Douglas, marks an important stage in the Gallery’s development. It will not only bring in the work of significant artists from the contemporary art world beyond our Island shores but it will also mark a turning point for the gallery as it embarks on new directions and journeys.
The exhibition showcases the work of five artists with international recognition, including Turner Prize winner, Mark Wallinger. This will be the first time a Turner Prize winner has shown work on the Isle of Man. The exhibition brings together works which question what it is to live on an Island; issues of home; rites of passage; isolation; aspiration; boundaries … It explores different relationships that we have with the sea, coastline and Island Culture. Besides Mark Wallinger: Manxman and artist, Kevin Atherton; Keith McIntyre, Head of Art at the University of Northumbria; Susan Collins, Professor of Art at the Slade School of Fine Art, London, and artist Shona Illingworth have contributed artwork to the show.
The exhibition has been curated by Helen Fox, Programme Manager for Art, Design and Media at the University College, Isle of Man, in collaboration with the Sayle Gallery. Helen’s curation of the show forms part of her research project which looks at what kind of frameworks we need for the visibility of contemporary art practice in an Island context? How are artists affected by the communities they make work in and how that community responds to that work? There will be a Panel Discussion held on Saturday 25th February  1 – 4 pm in the gallery, where artists, students, educators and the general public are invited to join Keith McIntyre, Kevin Atherton and Helen Fox in a discussion: ‘Contemporary Art Practice and What it Means in an Island Context’.
The Sayle Gallery’s Patron, Michael Sandle RA, has long advocated that the Island has been starved of such thought provoking and challenging contemporary art and the Sayle hopes to address this imbalance as it moves ahead.
All the exhibiting artists use ‘new media’ in the production of their work and as a result the show is almost entirely digital. The gallery has had to overcome a range of installation challenges to display the work. Sincere thanks go to local companies, T H Colebourn, Osborn Carpets and Typhoon House, for their valued support and also to the Department of Education and Children and Isle of Man Arts Council who have made staging this exhibition possible.
Turning Point – Mark Wallinger, Kevin Atherton, Keith McIntyre, Shona Illingworth and Susan Collins

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