Zoe Guilford
I consult for the Government’s Department of Economic Development specialising in Film & Creative Industries, and am one of the directors of the Isle of Man Film Festival.
Much of what I do day-to-day is in the creative sphere, but I am consistently humbled by the extraordinary talent of the true artists of the Isle of Man. I have always loved art, especially paintings, and treat myself to a serious piece of work every few years. Since moving back to the Island from London in 2010 I have started following several local artists and try to buy as much as I can: I own some Juan Moores and my home is covered in Bruno Cavellec prints. I adore Svetlana Cameron’s work, and James Duggan blows me away with everything he does.
James Duggan
The Isle of Man has an incredible arts scene which we should be very proud of. Since getting involved in the Island’s film festival, I have utilised the expertise of numerous local artists, whether it be for our poster artwork (Bruno Cavellec has created some inspiring imagery every year since its inception) or graphic designers like Rich Hird (Seen & Hird) for our marketing material. The Arts Council (who underwrites the film festival) has been instrumental in supporting the creative industries on the Island and we are so grateful for the work they do.
IOMFF logo
Bruno Cavellec
I have recently joined the Government’s DED as a consultant for film and creative industries and I want to represent appropriately. Creative businesses are growing rapidly on the Isle of Man: UK creative industries generate £84.1bn a year to the UK economy so it would be unwise to ignore the impact of this sector on our Island. Though I am mainly focused on film, TV and digital media, the visual arts on the Island are worthy of note: we have a thriving community of artists who need to be encouraged and enabled – whether that be through grants or guidance. 
The Isle of Man Government works with its designated bodies and charities such as Manx National Heritage, the Arts Council and Culture Vannin to promote and support the arts on the Island, which is such a crucial part of our cultural heritage. I’m proud of what we can do on our Island and excited for the future of its creative industries!
Zoe Guilford
February 2017
Zoe Guilford – DED and Director of the Isle of Man Film Festival

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